Truck Mixer

Concrete mixing plant

See below for a brief highlight of the phenomenal work performed by our team. We give just a few demos of your attraction.

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Concrete mixing plant PARAMETERS

Mixing device / reducer


Feeding device / reducer


Discharge device / cylinder


Ingredient storage bin


Load cell / cylinder

1000kg     QCB80*310-S

Vibrator / belt / transmission

0.15kw   B650*4(3+1.5)   TDY4-1.6-3265(b)

Cement load cell / butterfly valve

500kg     DN=250

Soot load cell / butterfly valve

200kg     DN=250

Water metering bucket / load cell

Galvanized steel pipe      300kg

Upper pump / unloading pump

Submersible pump       30-26-3 65DWB35-5

Admixture storage tank / load cell

3M3     100kg

Admixture anti-corrosion pump / circulation system

40SG-6-20    air blowing